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With Lili 2

I’m running to be the first Seattle City Council member elected from District 4 because I believe that the people of the district deserve a champion on City Council. Someone who has a proven track record of working across ideological lines in order to get things done. A leader with experience listening to regular folks, and collaborating with divergent points of view in order to implement good policy. Someone who will work with our neighborhood groups to devise smart growth regulations that don’t drive up the cost of living, while at the same time avoid destroying the uniqueness of our neighborhoods that make our city great!

Seattle is becoming too expensive for too many people. As we continue to see significant growth, we are also experiencing a saddening trend wherein more and more people are forced to move out of the city as rents rise, transit connectivity doesn’t improve, and livability is on the decline. It isn’t just enough to reside in Seattle – people should be able to live and thrive in this city.

I believe in the power of government to do good for the people. And that is what a city is – people. The buildings, the transit, the parks, the schools – these are all there for the people. By being a true representative of our district, I will fight for working families, for small businesses, and to ensure our city remains affordable and livable – for current and future generations

– Michael

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